Software Modernisation

Legacy or maturing software systems run numerous basic business applications. Much of the time these systems are bolted into installed software and only accessible in the workplace.

San Giovanna programming modernisation takes the core business rationale in existing software systems and makes an interpretation of this into a cutting edge, nimble and secure platform. Every one of the components you had are kept up, additional elements can be included, for example, mobile availability and ongoing reinforcement while guaranteeing a solid looked after future.

Software modernisation from San Giovanna takes a protected, secure approach to ensure basic business applications stay up and security is kept up. San Giovanna can work with any product and bring it up to date.
  • Make legacy software accessible, mobile and robust
  • Real-time backup
  • Incorporate new processes
  • Connect to other systems
  • Mainframe to cloud
  • Client/Server to mobile

About San Giovanna

San Giovanna is a specialised IT Service provider providing online transactional, business intelligence and health informatics solutions. Whether you want to sell goods and services online or simply capture client or customer data for onward processing, San Giovanna provides cutting edge solutions to meet your demands.

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