San Giovanna provides advanced data analytics platform, built out of our own needs, requirements and specifications when working in fields as diverse as healthcare and finance. We prepare a great many records through logical engines and improvement algorithms, with expert researchers in scrambled and anonymised datasets. 

Understanding the prerequisite for investigation and the hidden science is imperative to refining, controlling and showing your data. The meaning of ideas and relationship between these data is what information examination looks to represent
  • Analyse, Decide, Act  
  • Business related data sets
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Software user interaction
  • Website interaction
  • “Big Data” sets
  • Business Intelligence

About San Giovanna

San Giovanna is a specialised IT Service provider providing online transactional, business intelligence and health informatics solutions. Whether you want to sell goods and services online or simply capture client or customer data for onward processing, San Giovanna provides cutting edge solutions to meet your demands.

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