Cloud Software Development

Software systems, business applications and portable Applications all depend on back end frameworks to serve information and give organization capacities.

Frameworks created by San Giovanna are sent to the San Giovanna *Cloud, a group of powerful servers situated in London. Utilizing propelled load adjusting (transport and application levels) the San Giovanna *Cloud is prepared to serve information, website pages and portable Applications rapidly and safely.

With the capacity to site information in each of these three areas for administrative consistency and in addition different locales by former course of action the San Giovanna *Cloud is the ideal home for quick programming applications.
  • Ultimate speed, reliability and security
  • Fast Connection
  • Real-time backups & data protection
  • Fast uncontended links
  • Own IPV4 Network

About San Giovanna

San Giovanna is a specialised IT Service provider providing online transactional, business intelligence and health informatics solutions. Whether you want to sell goods and services online or simply capture client or customer data for onward processing, San Giovanna provides cutting edge solutions to meet your demands.

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