Welcome to San Giovanna Business Centre

Are you looking for a beautiful, clean and cool office to do your work in Dansoman, Accra? San Giovanna offers you a modern office space to hotdesk. Located opposite the Shell filling station at Control (market) on the Dansoman High Street, our fully air conditioned office is conveniently located whether you are driving or using public transport.

We are also a short walk away from banks, restaurants, countless number of pop up shops and and the vibrant Dansoman market.

At San Giovanna our staff are on hand to help you with all the technology you’ll need to ensure that your time here run smoothly. We understand that staying ahead in your business today demands fast and reliable connectivity, so we’ve invested heavily in our IT infrastructure and telecoms to give you the best bandwidth and speeds possible.

Our business centre can also be used as a training facility or venue for business meetings for up to 15 people. Find out about desk availability here, otherwise you may contact us for reservation. Better still please pop in to speak to our friendly staff about hotdesking.


*Hot Beverages For Hotdesking Customers

*Wifi & Internet

Fully Air Conditioned


CCTV for your protection

Other Services



Print and photocopy your documents at San Giovanna Business Centre. We print or photocopy up to A3 paper size. You may print in colour or black & White.

We give our customers confidence that we deal with sensitive information in a secure way when it comes to printing or photocopying their documents. Trust us with your corporate reports, annual reports, academic documents etc...



San Giovanna provides fast and friendly thesis and dissertation binding service. Dissertation Bindings come in many styles and style variations depending on the University or College, and sometimes the level of your degree i.e. PhD, BA (Hons), MSc etc... 

Many of the Universities or Colleges have strict regulations for the Higher Degrees, but lower Degrees differ according to Course, Department etc... We can bind to any university regulation! We also offer a wide general binding and fine binding service to companies and individuals.



San Giovanna provides a fast and reliable laminating service. Laminating creates a protective and waterproof seal around your documents or artwork, enhances the colours and extends their durability. Laminate your documents to protect them agains general wear. Laminate your posters so you can use them outside and on multiple occasions.

You can come to us for a single page laminating or for multiple pages laminating. Simply bring your documents and we will laminate them for you. Discounts available for large quantities and for printing and laminating.


Why choose Us

Excellent Customer Support

Resolve Issues

Our friendly and professional staff will attend to you and provide you with all the support you need. We will respond to your emails within 24hrs of receipt and provide you with a call reference where necessary. You may also reach us on phone during business hours.

We Deliver What We Promise

No Fussing About

Your requirements will be captured and deliverables listed on a contract. You will be entitled to whatever we promote on our website, business office, banners or fliers according to the terms and conditions they dictate. 

Excellent & Meets Standards

Our Services

We invest in the latest technology to provide you with excellent services which meets industrial standards and your expectations, over and above. Our trained and experienced staff are never deterred with your increasing demand for excellent customer care too.

About San Giovanna

San Giovanna is a specialised IT Service provider providing online transactional, business intelligence and health informatics solutions. Whether you want to sell goods and services online or simply capture client or customer data for onward processing, San Giovanna provides cutting edge solutions to meet your demands.

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